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Some of our ideas to make Riverwoods engaging include:

  • Engaging imagery of riverbank woodlands
  • Facts and figures relating to riparian zone species
  • Information on physical and mental health benefits of riverbank woodlands
  • Short video guides to riparian restoration initiatives

2 responses to “What would you find most engaging about Riverwoods?

  1. What I’d find engaging is having them as natural as possible and opportunities to see wildlife in quiet. Though this isn’t for everyone, but stretches like this must exist for those purposes and to ensure nature doesn’t get disturbed by tourists and recreational activity. Safe havens.

    Aside from this I fully appreciate that to safeguard riverwoods and promote them more they need to be accessible to all. So areas of riverwoods need to have the appropriate infrastructure and interpretation. Some ideas are as follows:

    Maybe QR codes on posts so you can hear sounds of animals to recognise. Also have the what3words location in case of an incident.
    Use of lots of images on interpretation – maybe utilising local photographers and having a competition. This would help raise awareness of the riverwoods project also.
    Accessible paths that are made way but are porous so can deal with deluge
    Foraging information.
    Activities that kids could do easily – poo sticks, how to build a den, how to long for beasties in the water, bee safari.

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