Purpose and focus of the group

To provide expert synthesis across academic and practitioner evidence for the multiple functions of riparian woodland, specifically for Scottish landscapes, identifying gaps in knowledge and ability to translate across Scotland’s implementation needs.


The following people have been involved in the work of the Riverwoods Science Group to date:

  • Marc Stutter (Chair), James Hutton Institute
  • Iain Sime, NatureScot
  • Nicola Melville, SEPA
  • Tanya Ogilvy, SEPA
  • Roberto Martinez, SEPA
  • Nadeem Shah, Forest Research
  • Sam Broadmeadow, Forest Research
  • Craig Macadam, Buglife
  • Alan Wells, Fisheries Management Scotland
  • Iain Malcolm, Marine Scotland
  • Kenny Kortland, Forestry Land Scotland

Want to contribute?

If you have questions, suggestions or comments about the work of the Riverwoods Science Group, please head over to our Ideas Wall where you can share your contribution and see the evolving conversation. You may wish to take a look at some of the questions that the Science Group are currently considering below.

Current questions

  • What is the strength of the evidence available and are there any gaps in the evidence specific to Scotland’s landscapes and application styles?
  • How does the data need to be compiled or presented to support different users such as funders or planning regulators?
  • How can we best map all the information about the state of Scotland’s freshwater environment to identify key areas for riparian improvement?

Riverwoods Evidence Review

Read the Riverwoods Evidence Review, commissioned by the Riverwoods Science Group to assess the benefits that Riverwoods can provide.