The Blueprint project is the second funded project developed by Riverwoods and right now lies at the core of our partnership activities. The Blueprint project, led by the Scottish Wildlife Trust and funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, has received initial funding of £385,100 towards a five-year £2.9 million programme to create a practical blueprint for river woodland restoration across Scotland. 

The project is segmented into two phases: development and delivery. During the development phase, we will work with our partners to conduct research and devise a strategic plan for river woodland creation and restoration at scale. Following the development phase, and subject to funding availability, the project will move into a four-year delivery phase, during which the findings from the development stage will be put into practice.  

Over the next five years, the Blueprint project aims to deliver:  



100 hectares of planting in three areas that demonstrate strong collaborative efforts across the partnership and with communities in delivery  

Supported the Riverwoods Delivery Group



A new small grant scheme targeted specifically at river woodland creation and restoration projects across different stages of development  

Supported by the Riverwoods Delivery Group  



A digital centre for excellence that serves as a space for knowledge and data sharing, best practice guidance, and centralised resources, including financial and advisory opportunities   

Supported by Riverwoods partnership as a whole  



A comprehensive measuring and monitoring framework of surveying and monitoring protocols to support the evaluation of Riverwoods projects over time 

Supported by the Riverwood Science Group  

Drawing on the knowledge and experience gained throughout both the development and delivery stages, the primary output of the project is a blueprint for river woodland restoration and creation across Scotland. This blueprint will serve as a model, source of inspiration, and guiding resource for future Riverwoods projects, pushing forward the collective vision of Riverwoods. 


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