Who can deliver Riverwoods projects?

Our initial thoughts: Private landowners, small to large estates Community groups (working with landowners, or community owned land) Charities and NGOs (who may own land or adjoining land) Government or large corporates (local authorities, Ministry of Defence, water companies)

How can communities help to find and select restoration projects?

Our ideas include: A participative and deliberative approach, where people connect with other people to discuss prospective Riverwoods projects Ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion in any engagement activities Combining a targeted approach to specific communities in places where there is high potential for Riverwoods projects, with a broader digital approach to engage a broader public.

What would you find most engaging about Riverwoods?

Some of our ideas to make Riverwoods engaging include: Engaging imagery of riverbank woodlands Facts and figures relating to riparian zone species Information on physical and mental health benefits of riverbank woodlands Short video guides to riparian restoration initiatives

What kind of support do you need for your prospective river woodland restoration projects?

Our initial thoughts: Outreach and identify potential delivery partnerships by promoting the Riverwoods programme  A broader Riverwoods support package, co-designed with prospective projects, partners and community intermediaries  Investment readiness support to successful applicants to this support package Access to government policy support to address technical barriers or opportunities Access to a pot of significant development grant funding for a smaller