Really enjoyed reading the initiative description. One comment I have is around what is the definition of investment-ready and what you would consider a successful demonstrator. I wonder whether there could be a section breaking down what the supported initiatives would be looking to demonstrate?

For example, are you interested in demonstrators showing not only the ability to finance through a combination of public and private sources, but also to ensure/ showcase the replicability of the model (e.g. through automation), in order to use these as replicas for other locations?

In TreesAI, we have also found that the time needed to ‘get the science right’ and the data that needs to be gathered about the sites is time-consuming and very important. I wonder whether some of the Scottish nature organisations will have the ability to share any relevant data if needed that will help speed up the process of establishing the right goals and projections for the demonstrators?

I hope this was helpful. Really enjoying the thoughts going into this proposal and looking forward to observing the outputs!

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  1. Investment ready would be ready for private finance to capitalise a project and get it started.
    Usually , this would take place when the private finance provider has confidence that the cashflow returns on the initiative will provide the investment return sought within an acceptable (to them) risk profile.
    The cashflow would come from a purchaser of eco-system services such as a public agency, local authority or business seeking an eco-system service like flooding prevention, water cooling and so on.

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