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What is the best way in which we can have protect riparian and simultaneously river conveyance be in a suitable situation

2 responses to “Dredging – Is it compatible with the Riverwoods approach?

  1. Dredging is not something we want to be associated with Riverwoods.
    These are potentially damaging activities and are regulated by SEPA in Scotland.

  2. The River Woods Science Group has reviewed evidence of how river woods help manage sediment in rivers. We found the following:
    There is a very strong understanding of the natural hydromorphological processes which are involved in reducing coarse sediment delivery and siltation of channels by riparian vegetation which helps to maintain watercourse capacity and reduce flooding. Riparian woodlands can reduce sediment from the main stem and tributaries by adjusting natural rates of erosion on the banks, controlling sediment supply in-channel (log jams) and reducing water energy by increasing bank roughness. For example in a single study in the Upper Wharfe catchment in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, modelling work has shown an 80% reduction in coarse sediment loading from strategically planting 5.2% of the catchment in areas of high risk of slope failure and along source flow pathways . The results indicate that it is possible to achieve significant reductions in sediment yield through source control using woodland measures. Similar reductions have been found in other catchments.

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