This is your guide to submitting a proposal to the Riverwoods Investment Readiness Pioneers project, via the dedicated CONSUL platform and including an easy to apply pdf online submission form.

How to submit

We promised the application process would be straightforward, accessible and easy. 


Upload your application 

The pdf submission form needs to be submitted to the CONSUL platform by 31st October 2022.

CONSUL is the same platform used by Scottish local authorities for participatory budgeting consultations.

We are using CONSUL to facilitate the community selection process. This will be used by the public to understand the purpose of your project, who you are working with, and what you aim to achieve.

Your project summary on CONSUL should not use any technical language or jargon, and should be accessible for diverse audiences, and those who have never worked on environmental projects. This summary should be no more than 1000 characters (around 200-250 words). 

How to upload:

  1. Register on the CONSUL platform at
  2. CONSUL will guide you through the information it needs to create an entry for your project, including the project summary
  3. Make sure any photos you include are fully consented


What makes a good project? Criteria as a reminder

Technical feasibility What is your overall approach going to be for getting the skills and expertise you need, and deploying these towards the restoration of river woodlands?
Commercial potential Have you started thinking about the benefits your project will deliver and who the potential beneficiaries would be? We would be interested to hear about any early thinking you’ve done about the benefits (such as natural flood management) and which of these could have a monetary value to any of the beneficiaries. This is the starting point for building a business model.
Engagement with community What kind of engagement or plans to engage do you have with communities that will benefit or be affected by your project?
Partnership potential What kind of organisations are you planning to team up with to get your project underway?
Level of public and environmental benefit To what extent is your project going to be about creating wider public or environmental benefit?
Right intervention in the right place What steps are you planning to take to make sure your intervention is ecologically suitable for the location?
Additionality to statutory responsibilities To what extent is this initiative going to deliver beyond what you would be expected to be delivering anyway? (For public agencies)


This pdf submission form needs to be submitted to the CONSUL platform by 31st October 2022.